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The History or Story Behind My Truck
i have some mods put into it so far. when i first got the truck first thing i did was put in a drop in K&N filter. after that i had dual exhaust added, being flowpro muffler and 3 1/2 inch tips. i then took the truck to the track. i ran a pretty decent 15.9 first pass i made in it, but the reaction time needed to be worked on. With the same mods i just listed later that year i managed a run of 15.621@86 with a 2.25 60' It didn't take long and i wanted to go faster. so the next mod was the 160 stat along with the Hypertech programmer. Shortly after the programmer i got a set of free comp engineering drag shocks. installed them and thought y not traction bars while im down there. so i bought a pair of the universal bars and gave them a yellow coat of paint. then i started on the motor areas. bought pullies, electric fan, and throttle body spacer at one time and took a weekend off of regular cruising to install them. decided then it needs to look faster. so i got the hard top, along with the ss hood. the windows were already tinted smoke glass, but i decided to throw 3% on top of that. not long after all that i decided the trucks muffler was not loud enough, so i went to the shop i had the first muffler put on and had them install a NON-Delta Flow 40 dual chamber 40 series Flowmaster, and added 4" tips instead of the measily 3 1/2.

i added some other minor things in there too such as the TPS-TEC, and removing the throttle body restrictor.

I am now in the process of buying a blower and i have added the following to accomodate for it. MSD-BTM, autometer guages, Boost, A/F ratio, and fuel pressure guages. i also have all the tubing on the truck that i need to run the boost and the BTM. the programmer has been set back to 87 octane tuning to get rid of the timing advance but still keep the 6K rev limiter.

the procharger kit im purchasing
well this is my next mod, believe it or not i am buying it. I know a lot of people say they are buying a s/c and you never see one, but i gurantee you will see one on here soon.

the kit im going after is the ATI Procharger kit. More than likely i will make the purchase through Bill Mach at www.Machperformance.com the kit is an 8 pound blower, with all the hardware and plumbing i need to run it. it comes with an adjustable FMU, an inline fuel pump, and an intercooler, either 2 or 3 core, which im going with the 3 core for the most hp possible.

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